Optimise Irrigation

Customers who use Green Brain make better irrigation decisions, more often, leading to better quality and yield outcomes

Get a Green Brain

To Fine-Tune Your Irrigation Scheduling

Widely Accessible

Choose how to integrate Green Brain in your operations - with an open API, embeddable widgets and a native web app all designed for easy operation.

Highly Configurable

Choose from a range of logging hardware and a plethora of sensor options. Get a setup specialised to your individual requirements.

Increase Profit

Green Brain shows you how and when to reduce water, fertiliser and energy use.
Hand holding phone with satellite view of crops

Cloud-Based Simplicity

The Dashboard arranges soil moisture levels from driest to wettest. With a single glance, you'll know where your attention is needed, or that everything is under control.

  • Know whether irrigation is required at a glance. See all of your sites ordered driest to wettest.
  • Track infiltration rates to optimize irrigation runtimes
  • Monitor refill levels and be confident of when to irrigate next.
  • Track irrigation records to forecast required runtimes to refill soil profile
  • Get an ideal start to Spring - track winter refill and irrigate accordingly.

Weather, Integrated

Don't scroll through countless graphs of obscure parameters. Get a snapshot of important weather conditions. Measured from your property. Displayed on your Dashboard.

  • Spray with confidence knowing conditions are optimal
  • Understand disease pressures and respond accordingly
  • Track evapotranspiration rates to fine tune irrigation
  • See how much rain actually fell on your crop, not just at the local airport
  • Compare the progression of each growing season against previous years


Your attention is finite, and there's always something else to be doing. So when you're running a farm, you shouldn't need to spend time checking if things are ok. Just set an alert, and get notified the moment your attention is needed.



If you put your trust in a monitoring provider, you should be getting something reliable. With Green Brain, you have that assurance. Total downtime over the past 5 years is measured in hours. And we are still in single digits.