• Growcare
  • Fruition
  • Fairport
  • Agrichem
  • DTN
  • Swan Systems
  • Manna
  • GrapeWatch
  • AgCommander
  • Ceres
  • Davis
  • Deep Planet
  • Digital Matter
  • Enviroeye
  • Irricheck
  • Katestone
  • Outpost Central
  • Ping
  • Rimpro
  • Schedule It
  • Wildeye

Don't see what you're looking for?

That’s ok, while the AgTech ecosystem isn’t quite as mature as some other technology sectors, we’re working towards making our services compatible with other players in this space. Whether that’s feeding data into Green Brain from other hardware providers, or making your existing Green Brain data available in other applications.

If existing integrations don’t offer something you are looking for, let us know so that we can look into what’s involved in building out that service (or working with the service providers to get an integration sorted).

Or, if you have an existing AgTech product or service, and want to get it added to the list above, have a look at our API documentation to get started building a connection with Green Brain.

Integrate With Our API

We're still adding the finishing touches to the new API documentation and to this page, if you'd like to take part in Beta testing soon, let us know the application and we'll add you to the early release users

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If you still need access to the previous API documentation, it's available here: Green Brain V3 API Docs