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So.... you're looking to monitor your soil moisture? Unfortunately, you'll soon find out that it's quite a confusing landscape to monitor your soil moisture, with lots of jargon and different technology on offer. Do you want to measure soil moisture tension or soil moisture content? Do you want a capacitance probe or a TDR probe? They all have merit but which is going to suit your soil and your crops best? If you're now scratching your head with a slight furrowed brow....fear not....keep reading.

Hopefully, in the next few pages you'll gain some knowledge that will help you work out what you want from your soil moisture monitoring sensors and just as importantly, arm you with information that will help you understand what a sales person is telling you when you do start engaging with a company. Remember "Knowledge is Power". So where on earth do you start unraveling the enigma that is soil moisture monitoring? How about with the dirt?