Actionable Insights at the Vine Row Level

Green Brain provides effortless crop health monitoring
with 95% accuracy, nationally.*

  • Better Decisions. Green Brain reveals vigour variability across your vineyard, helping you make better strategic decisions to manage your crop.
  • Save Time. Gain access to high-resolution crop health insights from day 1. Easily monitor vineyard changes across seasons from anywhere.**
  • Increase Profit. Understand how you can apply resources more effectively — reduce input costs and increase your bottom line. *percentage based on area-accuracy metric at 30 May 2019
    **internet access required

How Green Brain Works

Green Brain app on MacBook Pro

Advanced Analytics

Green Brain is a cloud-based, automated solution for vineyard identification and mapping at any scale.

  • The software aims to identify and map every vineyard in Australia, annually.
  • Predict crop boundaries more accurately than previously possible, and faster.
  • Eliminate multiple cost burdens associated with current forms of crop monitoring.
Maxar Technologies, formerly Digital Globe

World-Class Satellite Images

Multispectral high resolution satellite imagery gives Green Brain compelling clues about Plant Cell Density (PCD & NDVI) when analysed at the pixel level.

  • Satellites capture images with 3 times wider colour spectrum than the human eye.
  • High-resolution imagery with detail as fine as 50cm/pixel are semantically segmented.
  • Maxar Technologies' extensive satellite image library is updated on a regular basis.

Machine Learning

Deep learning neural networks are responsible for Green Brain's ability to identify features of vegetation, and allow her to continuously improve.

  • Green Brain continuously improves her classification of vineyards, crop condition, and more.
  • Benefit from improved mapping speed and accuracy, with limitless terrain potential.
  • Confidence levels can be quantified, improving reliability and accountability.
Green Brain cloud SaaS

Cloud-Based Simplicity

Always online, always learning, Green Brain can be accessed anywhere on virtually any device with an internet connection.

  • No software to install, and no training required to get actionable insights.
  • Login to a simple, elegant dashboard using your favourite browser.
  • Green Brain runs in all popular web browsers, on virtually any device.

How Much Could You Make?

How much could you gain by adopting precision viticulture practices? Try the calculator and find out.

Mark McDonnell, associate professor at UniSA
We found that the irrigation system wasn't up to scratch in terms of being able to deliver water in the right time frame. So it was all made visible by some of the satellite imagery that GAIA issued us to assess what was going on in the vineyards. — Rob Glastonbury, Operations Manager - De Bortoli Wines

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